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Anaheim Car Title Loans

If you’re looking for a quick way to get cash, then you’ve found it!

City Loan is the only place to get the best car title loans in Anaheim. Getting an auto title loan through us is fast, easy and safe. We make raising money hassle free!

Are you tired of filling out lengthy applications? Do you have bad credit? Do you need flexible repayment terms? Car title loans can help! City Loan’s application process is simple, aiming to help people with their cash needs, even if they have bad credit. We made paying it back easy by allowing you to pay back over time. That’s what makes us the best.

Getting the cash you want has never been easier. Call us at 1-714-975-9158, or by filling out our simple online application form!

What are Car Title Loans?

Don’t be confused by the different names a car title loan can go by – pink slip loan, auto title loan, or cash title loans. They’re all the same thing – just a fast, easy, way to raise thousands of dollars in a short amount of time We can determine how much you’ll be able to borrow, easily, by valuating your car, truck, or RV. Vehicles that are worth more will help you qualify for larger loan amounts.
The best part about City Loan’s car title loans is that you don’t give up or limit how you use your car while you’re paying back the loan. Get the money you need without having to make any major lifestyle changes while you’re paying it back!

Our online application is convenient, so apply now or call us at 1-714-975-9158.

How do Car Title Loans Work?

Getting the best title loans in Anaheim is quick and easy.The process is very easy to understand: we hold onto your car’s auto title provisionally, then we give you a cash loan based on how much your car is worth, all you have to do is make the monthly payments to pay back the debt, and then you get your title back.

Our process includes these four simple steps:

  1. You give us temporary possession of your car’s title
  2. You get a cash loan based on the value of your vehicle
  3. You make affordable monthly payments to pay back the loan
  4. You get your title back as soon the loan is fully paid off

Keep in mind that even though you’re using your car as collateral, you will still have full access to your car. You won’t have to make any huge sacrifices when getting a title loan from City Loan.

We make this process a painless experience, that’s why were the best title loan company in Anaheim.

What are the Benefits of Car Title Loans?

There are three simple reasons why city loan has the best auto title loans in Anaheim – we’re easy, fast and convenient!

First, the title loan process is easy to understand. Our process is very straightforward and we won’t run your credit when you apply. You might have troubled financial history, but we can still help. That’s what makes us Anaheim’s best source of loans for people with poor credit.

Second, we work fast, meaning that we will get your car title loan delivered quickly. Sometimes we can get you your cash within minutes of receiving your call, and almost always that same day.

Third, we’re convenient. Some places will ask you to forfeit your car while you payback your loan, but we won’t. You can drive just like you’re accustomed to, even while paying back the loan.

We’re the best in the business, and that’s why so many Anaheim residents turn to us when they need quick cash.

Find out how much you can get by contacting us now!

Car Title Loans vs. Other Short Term Loans

There are so many short-term loans available to everyone, but not all of them come with the same benefits as a car title loan from city loan. Check out these comparisons and find out for yourself why City Loan has the best car title loans in Anaheim.

Car Title Loans vs. Auto Pawn Loans

Auto Pawn loans are very similar to car title loans, but with one major exception. Pawning your car will require you to give it up until you can pay back the entire loan. Car title loans only require you to leave your car’s title with us, meaning that you can drive your car normally!

Most Americans can’t afford to sacrifice their car, making this one restriction a deal breaker for most. Not being able to drive is an avoidable inconvenience. All you need to do is get a car title loan nstead of an auto pawn loan.

Car Title Loans vs. Payday Loans

Just like car title loans, payday loans are quick and available for people with bad credit, but there are a few major differences that make car title loans a much better option.

  1. You will not qualify for a payday loan if: you’re getting paid under the table, in between jobs, or don’t have fluctuating income.
  2. Payday loans are typically limited to a few hundred dollars, if you need anymore, you’re out of luck.
  3. The entire loan has to be paid off at once at the time you receive your next paycheck. That’s too difficult for most people.

Car title loans aren’t limited by the same constraints, in fact:

  1. Anyone can get a car title loan despite what job situation is. Even if you haven’t gotten a regular
    paycheck in years we can still help.
  2. You can get thousands of dollars in minutes. How much you can get will vary, but a more valuable car will qualify you for a larger loan.
  3. Car title loans can be broken down into smaller payments and paid back over time. This gives you a little more breathing room when paying back what you owe

If you’re paid under the table, unemployed, have a variable income, or need to raise tens of thousands of dollars or need a few months to pay back your loan, then payday loans simply won’t work!

Car Title Loans vs. Credit Card Cash Advances

Credit card cash advances may be quick, but there are three restrictions that make them less appealing:

  1. You can only borrow limited amounts with a credit card cash advance.
  2. Good credit is necessary to be approved for a credit card cash advance.
  3. You need to have available credit to be approved for a cash advance.

Car title loans are much less restricted. That’s right – we can get you a loan if you have bad credit, if you need up to tens of thousands of dollars, and if you have no credit left on your credit card.

You can get a loan from us even if you don’t have a credit card or available credit. All you need is a vehicle with a title and some collateral. We’ll be able to help!

Car Title Loans vs. Traditional Bank Loans

There are three essential things you need in order to get a bank loan:

  1. A ton of time
  2. A good reason to borrow money
  3. A great credit score

First, you need to have enough time to get through the loan process. Getting approved isn’t as fast as with a car title loan. It typically takes days, even weeks to get approved, so if you need the money sooner, you’re out of luck. If you’re in a hurry, get a car title loan instead.

Second, getting approved is easy if you have a good reason, and difficult if you don’t. Usually banks only lend money to people who are looking to buy a car or home, make improvements on existing properties, start or invest in a business, or to get an education. Otherwise, any other reason will likely not qualify.

Third, you need a great credit score. Banks will take your credit into consideration when evaluating loan applications. If you’ve had a history of financial hardship, defaults, bankruptcies, or late payments, it will be much harder to get approved for a bank loan. Instead, you should get an auto title loan.

It’s a simple choice, auto title loans are just much more convenient than bank loans.Any car, truck or other vehicle with a title that qualifies, will allow you to get a loan from us within minutes!

How Much Money Can I Get?

It all depends on the value of your car. The more your vehicle is worth, the more you’ll be able to borrow.

You can give us a call or apply online and we will be able to calculate how much you can borrow within minutes.

How Quickly Can I Get It?

We start working the minute you submit your application, and that means we can get you the money you need within minutes.

We work fast! Upon submitting your application, we will review, approve, and process your loan that same day. You’ll be surprised by how fast we can get you the money you need.

What if I Have Bad Credit?

Don’t worry about your bad credit.

We pride ourselves on helping people that might be facing financial hardships. Whether you’ve got bad credit scores, a bankruptcy, loan defaults, late payments, or anything else on your report, City Loan will be able to help.

That’s why so many people consider City Loan to be Anaheim’s best provider of loans for people with poor credit, and just one of the many reasons why you give us a call right now.

Fill out our online application form or call us now at 1-714-975-9158 to find out how much you can get!

Why Should I Choose City Loan?  

  1. We’ve got an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau|
  2. We can lend money to anyone, no matter how bad their credit might be
  3. Our loan application process is fast, simple and straightforward

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