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Bakersfield Car Title Loans

Looking for the best car title loan in Bakersfield? Look no further than City Loan!

Featuring easy applications, no credit checks, affordable interest rates and great repayment terms, it’s no wonder we’re so widely known as the best auto title loans company in town.

If you need to raise some emergency cash, give us a call now to get the money you want today. Apply online or call now at 1-661-369-7512.

What are Car Title Loans?

Car title loans, otherwise known as auto title loans, pink slip loans, or cash title loans, are the quickest, easiest way to get thousands of dollars in cash within minutes.

If you need to borrow thousands of dollars today, but don’t want to face a credit check, then you need to consider taking out a car title loan on your vehicle.

The amount of money you’ll be able to borrow will be determined by the value of your car, truck, RV or other vehicle; the more its worth, the more you can borrow!

But the best part about car title loans is that you’re able to use them to raise money quickly, without having to sacrifice the use of your car.

That’s right! You can borrow thousands of dollars by using the equity in your car as collateral for a short-term, low-interest loan, without having to stop driving it!

To find out how much you can get, fill out our online application form, or give us a call.

How do Car Title Loans Work?

Getting an auto title loan in Bakersfield is easy! Just give us a call and we can get you the money you want within mere minutes.

We’ll temporarily take possession of your car’s plink slip, you’ll get the cash loan you want, and you can start paying back the money you’ve borrowed in convenient monthly payments.

You’ll be able to continue driving and using your vehicle however you like while you pay off the loan, and once you’ve fully paid it back, we’ll return your pink slip to you.
The car title loans process includes four simple steps:

  1. You give us temporary possession of your vehicle’s pink slip
  2. You receive a cash loan based on your vehicle’s value
  3. You make easy monthly payments until the loan is paid off
  4. You get your plink slip returned to your name

It’s that simple!

What are the Benefits of Car Title Loans?

City Loan’s car title loans are so popular because they’re fast, simple and affordable.

We can provide loans to anyone, regardless of previous financial history. Whether you’ve got great credit, terrible credit, or no credit at all, you can still get a loan from us.

In fact, we don’t even run credit checks when reviewing loan applications, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a bankruptcy, loan default, repossession or other financial problem. You can still get a loan from City Loan!

If you need money quickly, it’s time to call City Loan, because we can get you the cash you want within minutes of receiving your call.

But don’t forget – one of the biggest benefits to car title loans is that you won’t have to give up the use of your vehicle throughout the loan repayment period. You’ll still be able to drive it wherever you want!

Find out how much cash you can get by filling out our online application form now, or by calling us at 1-661-369-7512.

Car Title Loans vs. Other Short Term Loans

If you’re thinking about getting a pay day loan, credit card cash advance, or some other form of short-term loan, then this section of the page is for you.

Read on to find out why you should be considering a car title loan instead.

Car Title Loans vs. Auto Pawn Loans

Auto pawn loans are similar to car title loans, with one major difference: auto pawn loans typically require you to give up possession of your car, meaning that you won’t be able to drive it while you’re paying back the pawn loan.

City Loan’s car title loans are similar to auto pawn loans, except that we don’t require you to leave your vehicle with us. As long as you keep making monthly payments on your loan, you’ll be able to continue driving your vehicle wherever you want!

If giving up access to your car won’t work, then neither will auto pawn loans. Fortunately, we’ve got the solution to your problem, because our car title loans can get you the cash you want today without having to sacrifice the use of your car!

Car Title Loans vs Payday Loans

When it comes to comparing car title loans and payday loans, the difference is night and day. Car title loans are so much safer, more flexible, and more affordable than payday loans that there’s no reason to take out a payday loan if you can avoid it.
First, payday loans only allow you to borrow small amounts of money, limited by the value of your next paycheck, while car title loans can get you up to the amount of money that your vehicle is worth.

Second, payday loans have to be paid back quickly, in a single lump sum payment, while car title loans can be repaid over a much longer time-frame, allowing you to break payments up into smaller, more affordable amounts.

Third, payday loans are only available to people who receive regular paychecks, meaning that anyone who isn’t employed won’t be able to qualify one, where car title loans are available to everyone, regardless of their employment status.

Payday loans might seem appealing, but car title loans are a much better deal.

Find out how much you can get from City Loan by filling out our online application, or calling us now at 1-661-369-7512.

Car Title Loans vs. Traditional Bank Loans

Borrowing money from banks is a great option if you are in the market to purchase a car or a house.If you need money for something else, it’s going to be pretty difficult to borrow money from a traditional bank.

Qualifying for a bank loan is tough, because you need three important things to make it work:

  1. A great credit score
  2. An acceptable reason to borrow the money (purchasing a home or a car, upgrading your home, investing in a business, etc.)
  3. Time to wait for the loan to come through

If you can get approved for a bank loan, then it’s likely that you’ll be rewarded with a low-interest rate loan, but you’d better have a couple weeks to wait for the money to come through.

If you’ve got credit problems, if you need the money for personal purchases or anything other than those reasons listed above, or if you need the money quickly, then a traditional bank loan won’t be your best bet.

The loan process for receiving a loan from a bank is extremely time consuming. In fact, your application might take weeks or even months to process before it gets funded.Compared to the traditional banks, our title loans process is extremely easy. We don’t need to check your credit, we don’t care what you want to use the money for, and we can get you the cash you want today.Our loans can be funded within minutes of receiving your application, and are available to everyone who with a car, truck or other vehicle valuable enough to qualify.

To find out how much you can borrow, call us now at 1-661-369-7512, or fill out our online application.

Car Title Loans vs. Credit Card Cash Advances

Cash advances are easy to get, but only if you have good credit.

If your financial history isn’t the greatest, then a credit card cash advance may not meet your fundraising needs.

Additionally, even if you do qualify for the cash advance, the amount of money you’ll be able to borrow will probably be limited to just a few hundred dollars.

Alternatively, our car title loans can get you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, no matter what your credit score looks like.

If you’ve got bad credit, or if you need to raise a lot of money, then a car title loan from City Loan is a much better option than any cash advance.

What if I Have Bad Credit?

Don’t worry! It doesn’t matter!

Your credit score doesn’t factor into our application process at all – in fact, we won’t even run a credit history check when you apply for one of our loans.

That’s why we’re known as Bakersfield’s best lender offering loans for people with bad credit.

Whether you have bad credit, terrible credit, or even no credit at all, we can still help.

How Much Money Can I Get?

Our loan amounts are determined by evaluating the value of your vehicle. The more your car is worth, the more can borrow!

Find out how much you can get by calling us now at 1-661-369-7512, or by filling out our online application form.

How Quickly Can I Get It?

Our application and approvals process is streamlined so that we can get you the money you want within minutes!

Typically, our loans are funded and the cash gets delivered within just a few hours of receiving your initial request.

If you need money today, please contact us now!

Why Should I Choose City Loan?

  1. Applying for a loan is fast, simple, and easy
  2. We can lend you money even if you have bad credit
  3. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

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